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Indoor roller blinds are a sophisticated and economical way to boost the appearance of any room in your home.

At Northern Beaches Blinds and Awnings, we have a comprehensive range of block out and semi translucent Australian made fabrics with a great selection of colours to suit all your rooms and needs.

All our blinds are made in Australia with a 5 years warranty.

Choose the perfect operating system, from chain control to spring control and dual roller blinds, as well as enclosed head boxes, side channels and more. They can also be operated using motorised technology. 


Our fabrics are designed to suit your light, glare, heat and privacy needs. They are easy to clean & maintain and are treated which effectively repels most stain.

  • Optimal Visibility                          

  • Breathability                         

  • Fire Resistant                       

  • Glare Reduction                    

  • Heat Reduction                       

  • Mildew Resistant                                                            

  • UV Reduction                                                       

Click here to view our range of fabrics
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