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Very modern looking, vertical blinds may control the amount of light intake to create the mood in any room and location. Can be offered with a great range of colours, fabrics. Balances heat and light, very stylish and smart for either modern or classic home design.

An innovative thinking for your budget and at the same time having a premium quality.


Great range of fabrics
Block out, semi translucent, 
89mm, 100mm, 127mm slats
Chainless, sewn in bottom weights
Fabric insert on track
PVC slats 89mm


Our fabrics are designed to suit your light, glare, heat and privacy needs. They are easy to clean & maintain and are treated which effectively repels most stain.

  • Optimal Visibility                          

  • Breathability                         

  • Fire Resistant                       

  • Glare Reduction                    

  • Heat Reduction                       

  • Mildew Resistant                                                            

  • UV Reduction                                                       

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