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The roman blinds have the ability to adjust light in any room while making the windows look sophisticated. They’re simple, functional and attractive.

  • Excellent feature for bedrooms and theater rooms.

  • Comes in full block out fabric.

  • Very stylish and modern design.

  • A standout finish and adds great structure to a room.

  • Can be made from fabric of your choice.

Our Roman blinds can be operated by a cord lock system, but can also be installed with a chain system, or fully motorised.


Our fabrics are designed to suit your light, glare, heat and privacy needs. They are easy to clean & maintain and are treated which effectively repels most stain.

  • Optimal Visibility                          

  • Breathability                         

  • Fire Resistant                       

  • Glare Reduction                    

  • Heat Reduction                       

  • Mildew Resistant                                                            

  • UV Reduction                                                       

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